What is Counselling

Thank you for reaching out today, I know it’s not easy and it takes great strength and courage to finally say, somethings not working.

We often carry on as we always have, putting our doubts, worries, traumas, behaviours and patterns to one side, as life is often so busy for us all.

Yet as you know they do not go away, and sometimes something pushes us to say ‘STOP, I need to deal with this.’

We then often reach out to friends, family or colleagues, and although we honour their opinions, do we truly let ourselves be vulnerable within these relationships?

Are we openly honest about how we truly feel, or do we often water things down, as not to worry or upset those we love, and in all honesty how often do we sense that they’ve not truly listened or understood us?

Counselling therefore offers that one true safe space, where you can talk openly and truthfully about you, and what you need.

You may now be thinking, how can just talking bring about change? My response would be, when was the last time you truly felt heard by another?

Yet in the context of our professional relationship, I will hear you, as you will too, allowing you to slowly make sense of the confusion within.

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What is Counselling in Sittingbourne?
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