About Me

Hello, my name is Lisa and I originally began my counselling journey due to an internal need to change direction. 
I’d built my own floristry business over many years, and although it was a huge success, with celebrity weddings in both Hello and OK Magazine, after many years it was taking its toll.

I was exhausted and in truth it was killing me, and I knew both mentally and physically it had to stop. 

So I began looking into different options, and I kept coming back to counselling; as the one true part of my business that I loved more than anything was working with people, and I’d also become a very good listener through the years, working with bereaved clients, highly stressed brides, and having to mediate within families on wedding days; and I had a sense that counselling would enable me to continue these loves, yet in a different way.

Although before making any quick decisions I decided to complete some volunteering, within a support role to see if it would be what I hoped it would be. The role was within a domestic abuse charity, and with their support and guidance I flourished and it truly was what I’d hoped it would be, so I took the leap of faith and began my counselling journey.

I’m not going to pretend it was trouble free, it truly wasn’t easy or quick; juggling my floristry business, volunteering, family and college was extremely difficult, and in truth it took years, but these transition years were also filled with huge personal growth.

It challenged me, it made me look within, and it changed me, and when others ask if I miss my flowers, in honesty yes I do miss the creativity a little, although I’m a great believer in we never go back, we go forwards.

My creativity void is now filled within my wonderful garden, and as the sessions unfold I sit quietly and watch how nature reminds me of why I chose this path; even when it’s faced with such adversities, it has the ability to survive, renew and grow.
And that truly is my philosophy of counselling - when we truly feel heard and understood, we too have the ability to survive, renew and grow.

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