Why GreenShed?
My own Green Shed is my favourite place in the world, and as I sit and watch the seasons unfold, nature reminds me of why I choose this path; even when it’s faced with such adversities, it has the ability to survive, renew and grow.

What will we talk about?
This is your time to use as freely and openly as you wish.

How often will I need to come?
I find that weekly sessions are more beneficial, as this regular contact contributes to feelings of trust within our relationship.

How many sessions will I need?
Our work together can be open ended or session focussed; within our initial ‘coming together session’, we will talk through your expectations and how we can work towards this?

Is our work confidential?
As a counsellor I have both a legal and an ethical duty to protect your confidentiality. At our ‘coming together session’, we will talk through this so we both have the same understanding of confidentiality and my ethical responsibilities.

Where do you hold my information?
GreenShed Counselling Services follows the 2018 General Data Protection Guidelines, in the safekeeping of personal information, which is also fully outlined within our contract.


Do we review our work together?
I will review our work together as we go through your journey, to ensure it’s always focussed to your own needs.


What is your cancellation policy?
I require 24 hrs notice if you need to cancel a session, which is outlined within our contract.


How do I make payment?
A reminder and request for payment will be sent 24 hrs before our session, as outlined in our contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

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