Walking Therapy

Hopefully you’ve read about me now, and seen that in my past career I was a florist; I love colour, our changing seasons, and our unique British weather.
My business name also reflects this as my Green Shed is my own safe space, where I sit, ponder and watch the beauty of our seasons unfold in front of me.

And when I’m outside I truly feel at peace as I allow my mind to quieten for a short while; and although this is my love, I began to explore how beneficial this could be for others.
Especially for those who find it uncomfortable sitting within the constraints of a therapy room, or for those who never prioritise their own wellbeing.
So I transformed my idea into ‘Walk and Talk’, with the only difference being that we walk and talk in the casual atmosphere of our beautiful countryside. 


Benefits of Walking Therapy
Increased Wellbeing

Lowers Anxiety, Depression and Stress levels

Boosts our mood

Aids better sleep patterns

Feels less confronting and overwhelming

Encourages us to be more physically active
(blog coming soon)

60 minute – Individual Walk and Talk Sessions @ £60.00
I use a number of thought out routes, in the open countryside, which we can explore at our coming together session.
We will also discuss your preferred alternative options, if the weather is against us at times.
(Please note that these sessions are 60 mins, in order to accommodate different paces, as I’ve found that some clients like to ponder, while others prefer brisk walking)

Online Sessions
Many of us now lead such busy lives, and finding any free time for ourselves often feels out of reach. So we often put our own wants and needs to one side, and continue with the confusion.
Online Therapy can therefore make reaching out more accessible, and can be just as successful as in person.

50 minute - Zoom Sessions @ £50.00

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