Current statistics outline that 1 in 4 women, and 1 in 6 men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime, and by the age of 18, 1 in 7 children and young people, will have lived with domestic abuse at some point in their childhoods.

As I outlined in ‘About Me’, my therapeutic journey began as a Domestic Abuse Support Worker, a challenging role that I held for many years, both refuge and outreach based.

I therefore have an in-depth knowledge of domestic abuse, and the devastating impact it has, not only on the individual, but also the children within the home that are often the forgotten ones in the story.


And through this awareness I understand how anyone of us can experience domestic abuse, regardless of our age, race, gender, sexual orientation, faith or class, and how the fear and shame often continues within us even after we are free.

Many of us will have lost all sense of ourselves, as we’ve been conditioned to only think and feel in a certain way. We may also have extreme trust issues, as we’ve only ever been able to rely on ourselves in order to survive.

Many of us will return to these abusive relationships as this is all we’ve ever known, many will remain single through fear, and many of us will isolate ourselves from friends and family due to the shame we feel inside.

​Many of us will continue to blame ourselves, as to why we responded in the way that we did; “why didn’t I fight back or run away”?

Now in my therapeutic room I am able to transfer some of this knowledge, as I have a deeper understanding of the complexities that you’re facing.

Therapeutically I also understand how often when we’ve experienced trauma, we can experience uncontrollable thoughts and behaviours, often because we still feel unsafe.

This is why I offer Trauma Informed Therapy within this work; often described as being Bottom up Therapy.

Instead of focussing on your thoughts as in talking therapy, we begin by noticing feelings and body sensations, in order to sooth our bodies.

Because if we don’t feel safe in our bodies, our bodies will continue to be on high alert, and we’ll continually feel unsafe.

This work also reduces the risk of re traumatisation, which can often happen in top down therapy (talking therapy).

It’s an area of my work which I'm extremely passionate about, as Trauma has the potential to leave lasting scars that has the capacity to alter our behaviours and characters, for the rest of our lives if left untreated.

Consequently seeking trauma therapy can completely turn our lives around, giving us the chance to find us again.

Domestic Abuse Experience/Skills:
Domestic Abuse Support Worker – Outreach and Refuge based
One Stop Shop Lead in Two different Areas
MARAC Representation

Adolescent to Parent Abuse

Honour Based Abuse 

Supporting Male Victims of Domestic Abuse

Phoenix Programme Facilitator

Healing Together Programme Facilitator (Accredited)

Shelter – Domestic Abuse and Housing Training

Rights for Women - Civil and Criminal Justice System Training

EKRCC Rape Crisis Training

Working Towards Level 6 - Rape and Sexual Abuse Counselling - Trauma Informed Therapy


Domestic Abuse

Counselling children and adults
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My work is non gender specific, and open to all sexual orientations - Adults, Children and Young People